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Below is as much information as we hold on this aircraft including (where available) route information and a picture of it. The green icon indicates the start of the flight whilst the red indicates the end of the flight. If this is your aircraft and you would information on it removed from our database so that we no longer track it then please let us know.

If the recorded route looks less than smooth then it is because the aircraft was in an area where coverage was poor. If you live in or near this area please consider sharing ADSB data to help us fill in the gaps in coverage.

4070CCMLATG-EZPTAirbus A320 214SL (A320)

EZY62NRVenezia / Tessera - Marco Polo, Venezia, Italy (LIPZ/VCE)London Luton, London, United Kingdom (EGGW/LTN)
First SeenLast SeenTracked For (H:M:S)First AltitudeLast AltitudeNumber of Position ReportsPhoto
2017-04-24 17:14:25 GMT2017-04-24 18:09:48 GMT00:55:2338,000 ft2,275 ft2,905Aircraft Photo
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