Interesting Flights

The table below shows details of all aircraft seen by the network that have been marked as interesting. These included, but are not limited to, Air Ambulance, Coastguard and Police helicopters as well as unusual aircraft such as Beluga and Boeing 747-based Dreamlifter transporters. The data is updated every five minutes but doesn't appear until 20 minutes after the aircraft was last seen by the system. You can find out more information on each flight by clicking the Flight ID number. You can also find other flights made by that aircraft or callsign by clicking those.

Flights 21 to 40
Flight IDMode S CodePurposeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
56039624CA98FMLATMilEI-ICDSikorsky S-92 A (S92)
Irish Coastguard
5605418406176MLATCivilG-HEOIEurocopter EC135 P2+ (EC35)
National Police Air Service
5603703394A61MLATCivilF-GSTBAirbus A300 B4-608ST (A3ST)
Airbus Transport International
BGA131BXFW to TLS2017-04-24T11:17:37
560696440499AMLATCivilG-POLBEurocopter EC135 T2 (EC35)
National Police Air Service
5607064A999DFMLATCivilN718BABoeing 747 4H6LCF (BLCF)
Boeing Company
5605499400F29MLATCivilG-MPSBEurocopter EC145 C-2 (EC45)
National Police Air Service
5604198405FE9MLATCivilG-XXEBSikorsky S-76 C++ (S76)
The Queens Helicopter FlightTQF12017-04-24T10:58:41
5606805400DC3MLATCivilG-SASDBeech King Air B200C (BE20)
Gama Aviation
5605809406E1BADS-BCivilG-WPDEAirbus Helicopters EC135 (EC35)
WPD Helicopter UnitELECTRIC2017-04-24T10:46:29
56062184067CDMLATCivilG-WPDCEurocopter EC135 P1 (EC35)
WPD Helicopter Unit2017-04-24T10:38:37
5606481400DC2MLATCivilG-SASCBeech King Air B200C (BE20)
Gama Aviation
5604934406897MLATCivilG-RIDBBell 429 Global Ranger (B429)
National Grid Electricity Transmission PLCGRIDB2017-04-24T10:38:30
56065174008D2MLATCivilG-GWAAEurocopter EC135 T1 (EC35)
Babcock MCS Onshore
560616740668CMLATCivilG-WPDBEurocopter EC135 P1 (EC35)
WPD Helicopter Unit2017-04-24T10:31:53
5600698394A65MLATCivilF-GSTFAirbus A300 B4-608ST (A3ST)
Airbus Transport International
BGA213FTLS to XFW2017-04-24T10:14:00
56053374012A7ADS-BCivilG-EHAAMD Helicopters MD 900 Explorer (EXPL)
Essex Air Ambulance2017-04-24T10:07:05
5600753394A60MLATCivilF-GSTAAirbus A300 B4-608ST (A3ST)
Airbus Transport International
BGA151ABRE to TLS2017-04-24T10:06:19
5603195394A63MLATCivilF-GSTDAirbus A300 B4-608ST (A3ST)
Airbus Transport International
BGA112DTLS to SNR2017-04-24T10:01:07
5601971406D81ADS-BMilG-CILNAgustaWestland AW.139 (A139)
Bristow Helicopters Ltd
56045604008D2MLATCivilG-GWAAEurocopter EC135 T1 (EC35)
Babcock MCS Onshore